i'm moving.
you can find me here


monday, monday

today i received a lovely little package!
the second picture is my attempt at a close up of the garland - it is so pretty!
and can you see that sweet card and choco-loot? yum.
thank you Katie :)

today we had our first snow
the snow melted as quickly as it landed,
but it was exciting anyway
things are starting to feel festive around here
and it looks like we may get the tree this weekend!

another joke from our girl-

where do snowmen keep their money?
in snowbanks :)


my 2 cents

have you ever checked out photostamps.com?
i love this idea, and wouldn't this make the cutest stamp?
the price however, was not so cute.
instead i offer this
my virtual stamp for everyone to see.

the stamp was created in the lab
now go make one of your own ;)



for me it doesn't really begin until i look back -

i opened my christmas05 picture folder and started down memory lane....

  • my son was convinced the tree skirt was a blanket to snuggle up under
  • we had a sad looking fake tree
  • we had started remodeling the living room and front porch
  • my son was in diapers
  • my daughter couldn't wait to wear the dress my M.I.L. made for her
  • my daughter told me she hoped we could have a real tree for the next year
  • we had installed a woodstove, and the house was just too dry for a real one
  • i was preparing for the busy season at work
  • the dog found the present my daughter got for him. he chewed through the gift paper. i taped it all back together and nobody ever knew.

the wreath has been hung on our front door and the holiday music is playing.

are you ready for the holiday?

and the new favorite joke around the house is:

what does a snowman eat for breakfast?

frosted flakes!


meme time

i took this from acumamakiki
thanks K!

when is the last time you held hands with someone?
you wake up as the opposite gender, what's the first you do?
check to see if i have facial hair and scratch my balls
have you ever touched an electric fence?
where is your mom?
home in maine today :)
morning or night person?
i like the morning
what is the last movie you watched?
Family Man, i really love that movie
things about the opposite sex you notice first?
they are usually doing something stupid - just kidding guys....
i first notice posture, i am weird that way, all about "the stance"... sucka - remember that song buffalo stance?
ever been in love?
what's something your friends make fun of you for?
being overly polite
what is your curfew?
what?!? no curfew here
would you ever dye your hair red?
i have, and i liked it, but it was too much maintenance for me
what's your worst personality flaw?
holding things in
what career would you wish to be in?
education - i know you don't see the grammar/comp./spelling here - but i've got that! i do.....
which country would you like to visit?
Do you want a well paying job or a job you enjoy?
a job i enjoy
do you wish to have the same best friends when you're older?
do you believe in needing religion?
i believe in finding what works for people.
i'm still learning about it myself.
where's your dad?
in maine
When were you last on the phone?
this afternoon with some rude chick at city hall - i put her in her place with my overly polite ways
what shoes are you wearing today?
barefoot by the woodstove feels soooo good
do you like math?
i secretly loved algebra in high school
what about history?
i love it, but i hated it back in school
have you ever seen 5 squirrels at one time?
i have seen 5 at once. in a park where people feed them. they are ballsy little things - i was afraid of 'em.
those beady eyes with their wirebrush tails digging for crumbs at your feet, like they might run up your leg and start pulling your hair out for the nest - creeped out! i was...
can you touch your nose with your tongue?
no i can't!
do you have a brother?
yes i do!
did your great granddad fight in the civil war?
not that i know of! enough exclamation points yet?
do you like hugs?
from my family, yes.
do you want to be a doctor?
i would like the salary of a doctor, i would be McChatty.
what do you do right before you go to bed?
check on the kiddies
right when you get out of bed?
do you want to be famous?
not really
do you do your own laundry?
have i ever mentioned laundry here?
no. that's because this is my warm and happy place.
i really dislike laundry, not so much the washing ,drying, folding - it's when i walk by a room and see my laundry efforts strewn across the floor. that is upsetting to me. damn it.


yes, yes!

a wonderful mail package arrived!

have i ever mentioned how much i love mail?

i do. i do. i do.

i've started the book and i can't stop lookin' at the bag.

i am one grateful girl.

thanks for the mail goodness Nessie.

and thank you Pink Sky for putting together the swappage :)


giving thanks

in moments that seem like they will never pass
when the kids are bickering, tattling, picking at each other
i take the moment
and give thanks
i am thankful that they have each other
that they do play together
that we are a family, learning as we go along
thankful that we sleep in warm beds, and eat every day

thankful for family - near and far
for lessons learned along the way
thankful for my grandmother showing me that in every darkness there is light
and that there is goodness all around if we are willing to look for it

thankful for the strong women in my life
who have taught by example

thankful that through it all we've stuck together,
that when it would have been easier to leave
we chose to stay

thankful for good things
like these:
good books read by the woodstove
for toasty toes
and handpainted mugs filled with cocoa

thankful for dear friends i've grown with through the years

thankful for the kind words you leave me when you visit

we will feast on turkey today. not candy- i am thankful for that too

happiness to all of you,